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In the wake of Solita Monsod's controversial column, let's parse what it means to talk about racism, nationalism, and being "Chinese," "Tsinoy," or "Filipino."
Teresita Ang See recently responded to Winnie Monsod's anti-Chinese and anti-Tsinoy ramblings with this piece. I agree with much of it. But I it find very interesting that while "Tsinoy" is seen as hybrid and complex in its identifications, "Filipino" identity here, ...
Teresita Ang-See outlines why Winnie Monsod is misguided in her column about Tsinoys.
My friends, Tsinoys and native Filipinos alike, have been calling my attention to the deluge of negative comments about the influx of Chinese nationals, especially from the mainland and other issues. They worry that the negativity may spill over to include Chinese ...
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