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You want that chicken during your celebration.
The year of the Golden Rat begins on Saturday, January 25.  According to Chinese lore, the Jade Emperor declared he would decide which animals would be zodiac signs based on the finishers of a race. The clever rat was the smallest of ...
Ward of the bad juju with the auspicious color red and the happy mouse.
Let us put aside the lofty goals of getting in shape for a while longer because the extended holiday season isn’t over yet until the arrival of Chinese New Year (on Saturday). That means it is still the moment of pants with ...
Agoda lists 10 places where Filipinos are welcoming the Year of the Pig.
It looks like more Filipinos are celebrating the Chinese New Year overseas this week.Agoda, an online booking platform for accommodations, flights, and airport transfers, revealed in a study of their internal data that six international locations are among the top 10 destinations ...
C.C. Coo is descended from Chinese forebears, but she is also so much more.
I consider myself a multi-racial butterfly, a mysterious mix of peoples and cultures that are also, by the way, Truly Rich. But most definitely I am of Chinese descent and most certainly my life is colored by Chinese culture and customs.I bring ...
One of them even has a lawyer and an agent.
The Chinese Year of the Dog is almost upon us, and we’re celebrating man’s best friend by looking at some of the most famous dogs on Instagram. These canine celebrities are so popular that most of them have their own merchandise and ...
No chickens here.
Deep in the annals of social media, one wise fortune teller proclaimed that 2017 is a good year to give birth. The reasons escape us right now, but we're pretty sure it has something to do with the alignment of things. No ...
This is how upcycle artist Jevie Pagpaguitan is ringing in the Lunar New Year at Crimson Hotel.
A certain man once found himself irked by the sight of birds alighting on a wire without quite knowing why. It could be that the unassuming beauty of nature was ruined by the telephone wires positioned so close to each other. That, or he ...
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