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The best Japanese whisky goes quite nicely with Malagos Chocolates from Davao.
Some things go together categorically: peanut butter and jelly, Harry and Sally, “Numb” by Linkin Park and frustrating days in the office are just a few. As I’ve grown older, I’ve come to know numerous pairings revolving around alcoholic beverages—and I’d like to ...
More and more local chocolate purveyors are creating their versions of this complex and satisfying confection.
Whether it’s date night or a special holiday, chocolates are the best gift ever. While it may seem overly simple on some occasions, you just can’t go wrong with a box of these deeply tasty treats. When it comes to giving chocolates ...
Yet another victim of the pandemic.
Interest in chocolates may have spiked here in the Philippines and the rest of Southeast Asia last year in the midst of the pandemic, but business isn’t looking so good for at least one famous brand. Godiva Chocolatier announced that it will close down ...
World-class chocolate doesn’t need to be imported.
We already know Malagos Chocolates are pretty great. They’ve won plenty of awards here and abroad and have become a source of pride for Filipinos; they’re delicious proof that chocolates need not be imported to be world-class. Here’s some more good news for fans ...
Happy Halloween!
Halloween isn’t just a time for spooks and scares. It’s also candy season. For all the sweet-tooths out there, here’s a sampling of how some candies and chocolates that have become true Filipino favorites over the years got their names.ALSO READ: FOOD ...
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