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A little Google goes a long way.
After last week's hullabaloo on the House of Representatives granting only a P1,000 budget to the Commission on Human Rights, comedienne Beverly Salviejo wrote an all-uppercase Facebook post on the group's bias towards criminals and its failure to act on violations involving ...
See which important people are on which side.
On Tuesday, September 12, the House of Representatives, led by Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez, voted to allot just P1,000 ($20) for the Commission of Human Rights (CHR) in 2018, virtually defunding the human rights body. The CHR is one of the very few ...
The House of Representatives just voted to allocate only P1,000 to the CHR. Should we get out the pitchforks?
And so it was with thunderous applause.Yesterday, September 12, following a suggestion by House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez and a corresponding motion filed by SAGIP Representative Rodante Marcoleta, the House of Representatives voted 119-32 in favor of giving the Commission on Human Rights ...
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