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Tom Hiddleston revealed he tried and failed to beat his co-star's workout record.
Marvel fans would all agree that Chris Hemsworth makes a wonderful Thor, but could you imagine another actor in the role? Say, Tom Hiddleston?Hiddleston himself certainly could, as the Loki star revealed while recalling the moment he found out he was cast as the ...
The Avenger has talked about his struggles with anxiety
It turns out that Chris Hemsworth's apparent stroll into the upper echelons of Hollywood royalty and its associated perks wasn't anywhere near as effortless as it appeared.Hemsworth told the Australian magazine Who that he was on the brink of chucking in acting altogether before ...
"I didn't enjoy what I did in the film"
Chris Hemsworth has opened up about the most disappointing roles in his acting career so far.The Avengers: Endgame favorite, who will shortly be reunited with his Thor: Ragnarok co-star Tessa Thompson on the big screen in Men in Black: International, admitted that there are a few roles ...
"I don’t think you’ll ever meet anyone who doesn’t want to have a crack at James Bond."
The last time an Australian took on the role of James Bond, things didn’t turn out so well. Model-turned-actor George Lazenby quit the franchise after just one film immediately grew a pair of mutton chops and publicly sniped at the ‘brutish’ Bond ...
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