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Daaamn, Chris!
Chris Pine, what the fuck is good! Nice to see you again. You been reading back issues of Esquire while on quarantine, my guy? Not going to lie, you're looking a little like the poster boy for a whole lot of the shit ...
Come for the Black Dahlia murder. Stay for Pine lurking around the grim underbelly of '60s-era Los Angeles.
Whenever I think back to the J.J. Abrams Star Trek movies, the only section I can vividly remember is the first act of the 2009 James Tiberius Kirk origin story. Chris Pine’s version of the space captain is equal parts sleazy and cocky. But ...
I was promised dick. I am underwhelmed, just like every other time this has happened.
Here's the thing: I am a homosexual man, so dicks are fairly essential to my life. I have seen many of them, in real life and in photos. The former is vastly superior to the latter, because, I will admit, a dick ...
The actor went full-frontal in Outlaw King, and apparently it's hard to miss.
Every few years, a new actor breaks onto the scene during festival season and steals the hearts of everyone there. Remember little Jacob Tremblay in Room? We loved Jacob Tremblay. And last year, Timothee Chalamet gave a breathtaking performance in Call Me By Your ...
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