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It's either a misunderstanding or a tragic story of lifelong injustice.
Over the Christmas season, we published a story on Levi Celerio, National Artist for Music and lyricist for the beloved Tagalog Christmas song, "Ang Pasko Ay Sumapit".A few readers were quick to point out that the famous holiday hymn may have a different origin—the ...
Don't make the same mistakes as these re-gifters.
Re-gifting is one concept that remains stuck in a morally gray area. Taking the time to scour malls and specialty shops is, admittedly, a difficult task. After all, if you have a perfectly fine gift sitting around untouched, why not pass it ...
From the drunk uncle to the nosy aunt to the petulant teenage niece you want to smack on the head.
Today is Christmas Day, the birthday of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and also, on this year, the 63rd anniversary of the Coo Family Reunion. All sorts of relatives are driving or flying to Pink House, where our Truly Rich Grandmother ...
Here's a guide to mall operating hours on December 24 and 25.
.Shopping malls are open to accommodate customers on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, but most of them will have adjusted operating hours. Most shopping malls will close earlier than its regular hours on Dec. 24, to allow their employees to celebrate Christmas ...
You didn’t think he only listened to his own songs, did you?
For most Filipinos, playing Christmas In Our Hearts is a given during the yuletide season. But what does the King of Christmas Carols play during his own holiday celebrations? Like most of us, Jose Mari Chan still loves the songs of his ...
If you find yourself feeling down around Christmas time, you're not alone.
For children, it makes complete sense that Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. Your excitement builds up as all the decorations come out and you count down the days to Christmas. You have nothing to worry about, apart from ...
It's okay to cry because it's Christmas.
Last Monday, Philippine Airlines Second Officer Paulo Fermin posted a video of himself surprising his parents on a flight from Vancouver to Manila, after 17 years of spending Christmas apart.His mother and stepfather did not know that he was part of the ...
It’s never a celebration without lechon.
As we count down the days to Christmas, the one thing on every Filipino’s mind is crafting the perfect dinner table. The simple combination of family, friends, and a perfect spread are enough to make the season merry.To complete your table, Dedet ...
You wouldn't give someone a baby out of nowhere—it's the same with pets.
You’d think that by now, people would know better than to give pets as presents. Unfortunately, common sense isn’t so common. My friend learned this the hard way, when a teacher gave his daughter a hamster as a Christmas gift without so much ...
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