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Shopping remains a pleasure at Rustan's.
In 1952, Gliceria Rustia Tantoco, also known as Glecy, and her husband, Bienvenido, fondly called Benny, began selling finds from their world travels in their living room in San Marcelino. Soon after, they opened an emporium which became the destination of choice ...
Instead of a greeting, this Christmas card contained a plea for help.
What would you do if you opened a Christmas card, but instead of reading a relative’s generic greeting, you find a haunting message from alleged prisoners from China?That’s exactly that happened when six-year-old girl from the U.K. opened a Christmas card. The haunting ...
Don’t let the pressures of the season get to you.
Well we finally made it to another Christmas. Did you get the gift you really wanted? Are you stuffing yourself silly with yummy holiday food? Are you surrounded by the people you love and who love you? Are you happy? You might answer ...
What do we really get out of it?
Children figure out early on that the reason for wrapping gifts is to conceal what’s inside; to make a guessing game out if it, even for just a few seconds after being handed the gift, or for an entire torturous week while ...
Make it a worthwhile staycation.
Being left in Manila while others fly out for the holidays need not be boring. The metro isn’t all that bad and when you consider the ease of getting around without the traffic, you’ll find that there’s so much to look forward ...
When it comes to celebrating Christmas, we are definitely world-class.
Manila may not be the cleanest or the wealthiest city in the world, but it sure is one of the most festive when it comes to Christmas. We need not emphasize that Christmas is celebrated here for almost five months a year, ...
For starters, good quality and design are aspects they will appreciate.
We all have at least one person in our lives that we never know what to get for Christmas because he or she already seems to have it all. But just like anyone else, these recipients will appreciate any well-designed and novel ...
Attending parties? What you can bring from drinks to dessert.
So it's that time of year, eh? Your friends, workspaces, communities are all sending out invites to your annual holiday get-together. Unless you’ve a hostest with the mostest among you who will just do everything, including the nibbles and libations, it’s probably ...
And other random, weird things that excite us.
For those who are old enough to have grown up visiting Regina Gift Shop, you’ll know that there were a lot of cool finds to discover. Regina Gift Shop has been in the same location since it opened in Shoppesville, Greenhills in ...
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