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The highly anticipated movie finally arrives on HBO Go, but is its time-bending concept lost on the small screens of the streaming format?
“There’s a Cold War. Cold as ice,” Victor tells the Protagonist on a boat after the latter wakes up from a medically induced coma intended to fool the world that he’d died. “To even know its true nature is to lose. This ...
The director opened up about the trilogy at a movie marathon in Hollywood.
Batman Begins was an ambitious project, and not just because Christopher Nolan brought gravitas to a franchise previously known for its bullet-proof nipples.The Dunkirk director was tasked with starting from scratch with the Caped Crusader’s origin story, and he took that challenge ...
The director has also opened up about the future of cinema
Dunkirk director Christopher Nolan has promised he is “about to start shooting” his next project, and it has been described as North By Northwest meets Inception.Other details on the film are thin on the ground, but Production Weekly confirms the “romantic thriller” has a firm release date of ...
Throughout his career, the 'Dunkirk' director has developed a very serious cult following.
Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk is one of the season’s best films. It grossed over $200 million worldwide, was well-received by critics, and is a serious contender for the awards season—that much is difficult to argue with.Does everyone have to like it, though? While ...
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