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First of all, we need to recognize that this was a pretty big step for a Church that’s over 2,000 years old.
News that Pope Francis expressed support for same-sex civil unions began to spread in the early hours of Thursday (October 22) Manila time. For once it was refreshing to read headlines about gay people in a more positive light, without words like ...
Unholy takes on holy traditions.
It doesn’t take much to anger the religious sector, especially when you take their sacred scriptures and “adapt” them to the small screen. Playing with people’s beliefs for entertainment’s sake is a surefire way of pissing people off and testing the limits ...
The beautifully built Church of St. James holds many myths, but the one of Count Vratislav of Mitrovice might be the most intriguing.
In beauty, there is sometimes despair. Perhaps you’ll agree with this statement upon learning the tales about the hauntingly beautiful Church of St. James located in Prague’s Old Town.Travel guides call the structure an impeccable testament of the Baroque architecture popular in ...
No one seems surprised at this latest case involving a Catholic priest—and that in itself is a tragedy.
Another sex controversy has hit the Catholic Church, and no one’s particularly surprised. That the priest in question posted bail isn’t much of a shocker either, despite how infuriating it may be. For P120,000, the priest was released after getting arrested for ...
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