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Keep this list handy for next year.
If there’s a one-time-of-the-year moment when driving will actually good for the spirit, it’s Maundy Thursday to do the Seven Churches Visitation or Visita Iglesia.Unfortunately, people will have to forego Visita Iglesia this year, given the current situation with COVID-19. Still, that ...
Some destructions were fatal.
The 6.1-magnitude earthquake that struck the Philippines on April 22, 2019 left many in Luzon shaken. In its wake, the natural occurrence left more than just a couple of items out of place. Operations were immediately halted in transportation systems, road and ...
There's an ideal venue for every type of wedding.
ManilaFor a traditional church wedding, Manila has a number of religious landmarks that hold a remarkable history tied to impeccable age-old walls and stained-glass windows. In Quiapo, the Basilica Menor de San Sebastian makes a great choice for its ancient architecture and ...
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