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The schedule includes all competition and exhibition films in all venues.
Since 2005, Cinemalaya has been helping produce new films, discover gifted filmmakers, and invigorate the Philippine film industry by supporting a daring class of independent Filipino filmmakers. One such filmmaker Cinemalaya helped propel to international critical acclaim is Mikhail Red, whose first ...
The highest-grossing film in Cinemalaya history closed after just one week in nationwide release.
Liway, based on the remarkable true story of a freedom fighter raising her child inside one of the Marcos regime’s prison camps, was one of the biggest success stories of the Cinemalaya 2018 film festival. The movie broke the record for the ...
Call all your friends.
( Even the most avid movie fans struggle to fit in Cinemalaya (or other film festivals) into their already hectic schedules. So we always cheer whenever we hear that some entries are getting the nationwide screenings and thus, the larger audience they deserve.For folks who ...
Last call for supporters of local cinema!
This year's Cinemalaya is coming to a close this weekend, so it's your last chance to catch any (or all) of its nine feature-length films, each an official entry into one of the country's most well-recognized indie film festivals. In case you haven't ...
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