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Honda also unveiled a new CRV model.
Honda Cars Philippines Inc. (HCPI) is celebrating its 30th anniversary this month and just this week, it announced the unveiling of its all-new fifth generation Honda City and new CRV models.  ALSO READ: HONDAHonda’s 30th Birthday Bash Made Me Think About My First Civic in the ...
Along the Mandaluyong section of the river, at least.
In the fast-paced concrete jungle of Metro Manila, you're probably more likely to see towering skycrapers and several vehicles stuck in traffic instead of a glimpse of nature. Thankfully, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources - National Capital Region chapter is ...
These are reminders of times gone by.
The best way to experience and appreciate a city is by looking at its historical architecture. And Manila, with its long, colorful history, is a treasure trove of sorts when it comes to that. If you don’t have the whole day to ...
Chicho, a marketing manager, and Miguel, an entrepreneur, wed at the San Sebastian Basilica Minore, followed by a reception at Manila Polo Club.
Maria Katrina Urrutia Suarez weds Miguel Luis Gopengco Rodriguez.You and Miguel have known each other since you were kids. How did you find your way back to each other? We were classmates in fourth and fifth grade at Colegio San Agustin. Miguel ...
Here's what we know so far.
When the National Museum of the Philippines in Manila announced that it was opening a third building within its complex, everyone was ecstatic. The new National Museum of Natural History, which features a Tree of Life design beneath the majestic glass dome, ...
It's part of the campaign against illegal drugs.
In August last year, the Philippine National Police (PNP) took its campaign against illegal drugs to the high-end clubs and bars in Taguig and Makati. At that time, the PNP implied that they would eventually implement the same practice in other areas of Metro Manila. Well, ...
Destroyed by wars, men, and time
Our built heritage doesn't speak of local culture in the here and now; it also paints a picture of how people lived during the time of its construction. Despite laws protecting built heritage in the Philippines, somehow we find ways to erase these ...
The Arroceros Forest Park in Manila might just be flattened to become another building—if the city government gets their way.
Nobody expects to find greenery in the middle of historic, busy, and often chaotic Manila, so first-time visitors to Arroceros Forest Park are pleasantly surprised. Found on Antonio Villegas Avenue (also known as Calle Arroceros), the park is literally a breath of fresh air ...
When President Manuel L. Quezon dreamed up the ideal city, he envisioned a capital built for the needs of the working man.
Quezon City began as a whisper in the president’s ear. War loomed ahead, and with it came dark forecasts and preemptive executive action. An ally close to President Manuel L. Quezon made the shrewd pronouncement that Manila was easy booty—enemy ships could ...
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