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“There are no easy answers but we owe it to the future to explore it right?”
When the Global Climate Strike (GCS) took place for one full week last September, news outlets jumped at the chance to cover the phenomenon. Immediately after the media announced that thousands of people had taken to the streets, the actual numbers jumped ...
These local businesses are promoting sustainable, eco-friendly practices.
You don’t need to look far to see the most recent casualty of climate change. Last week, Good Shepherd announced they’ve run out of supplies of ube or purple yam because of global warming. Purple ube simply wouldn’t grow anymore, according to ...
When 16-year-old activist Greta Thunberg arrived in New York on August 28 after sailing the Atlantic Ocean, environmental activism experienced a reawakening.
The Global Climate Strike (GCS) is a week-long campaign against the climate crisis that has resulted in irreversible damage over the years. The campaign just kickstarted last September 20, but it had been making waves long before, through the voice of Swedish ...
Environmentalists say the fires were started by humans.
A massive blaze in Brazil's Amazon rainforest is quickly gaining international attention. The Brazilian jungle, often referred to as the lungs of the entire planet (due to the significant amount of oxygen it produces) is in the midst of an intense blaze, ...
The Amazon is currently burning at the highest recorded rate since 2013.
Fire season has officially begun for the Amazon Rainforest. This is said to typically occur from July to September because of the dry season, and usually stops by November. However, nothing seems ordinary about the forest fire this year, and the rate ...
"Climate Services" looks like a sector of the economy entirely made up of people with no consciences at all.
To borrow a trope from Chris Rock, I don't agree with the people who think we should eat the rich...but I understand.From Scientific American:"That’s the question some observers and critics of “climate services” are asking. The fast growth of this field in recent years marks ...
Control yourself.
Time to exit your incognito windows, folks. It looks like your porn watching habits are putting the planet at risk, according to climate scientists.In the report Climate crisis: The unsustainable use of online video – A practical case study for digital sobriety ...
The window to prevent the worst of it is closing fast, while water scarcity in mainland Asia is the prelude to the next big war.
It is a long held belief here in the shebeen that, thanks to those clever Chinese climate hoaxsters, the next world wars are going to be fought not over oil, but over water. This is especially true in places like India, which ...
Now do you care about climate change?
Do you want to know why we're facing a possible spike in pork prices in the coming years? Why else—climate change.A hot pig is not a fat, happy pig. Scientific American reports scientists have found that hotter weather causes pigs to eat less. It ...
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