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There is no shortage of excellent reasons not to have children, says the novelist Mark O'Connell. But a preemptive capitulation to despair feels intolerable, at least to him.
This originally ran in How We Dad Now. You can read the other stories in the package here, as well as in our Summer 2022 issue.One of my earliest memories of parenthood is of sitting in a chair in the maternity ward reading ...
These companies are doing their part to reduce gas emissions.
Two companies from the Philippines made it to a list of companies in the region that bolstered their emission reduction efforts. The list was in a special report entitled “Asia-Pacific climate leaders: Which companies cut emissions?” published by the Financial Times, Nikkei Asia, and ...
He's the first Filipino individual to be awarded in the prize's 35-year history.
Out of 200 nominations for the United Nations' (UN) Sasakawa Award for Disaster Risk Reduction, it was Filipino scientist Glenn Banaguas who took home the honors—making him the first-ever Filipino individual to be given the recognition.For this year, the awards has the ...
The data isn't encouraging, to say the least.
Filipinos should be very, very concerned about global warming.The Philippines is the country at most risk from the climate crisis, according to a report published in 2019 by the Institute for Economics and Peace.A Climate Central study projects that roughly 150 million people currently ...
Climate action should be a priority.
We need global climate action. As if scientists haven’t warned us enough, the planet is dying. Despite the substantial evidence that points to global warming and rising sea levels, it often seems like scientists are shouting into the void as large nations depend ...
It points to a new kind of horror.
The situation at Lake Mead, which supplies water to 25 million people, points towards a new kind of horror.Not long ago, we mentioned that Lake Mead, the water source for 25 million people and for massive tracts of American farmland, and a ...
122 degrees in Canada? Shellfish cooked in the shallow water? Wildfires? Extreme precipitation events? All the salmon are dead? The Amazon rainforest no longer works?
June is never a good month for the existential doom meter, what with the kickoff of California's traditional fire season—an increasingly anachronistic term—along with the annual reemergence of what now passes for East Coast summer weather, namely extreme heat waves followed by insane precipitation events. ...
“There are no easy answers but we owe it to the future to explore it right?”
When the Global Climate Strike (GCS) took place for one full week last September, news outlets jumped at the chance to cover the phenomenon. Immediately after the media announced that thousands of people had taken to the streets, the actual numbers jumped ...
These local businesses are promoting sustainable, eco-friendly practices.
You don’t need to look far to see the most recent casualty of climate change. Last week, Good Shepherd announced they’ve run out of supplies of ube or purple yam because of global warming. Purple ube simply wouldn’t grow anymore, according to ...
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