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Maybe he's warming up for an electrifying performance.
Just before 5 p.m., Chris Martin already made the headlines for visiting a cancer-stricken fan in the hospital before the Manila leg of Coldplay's A Head Full of Dreams tour. According to an article in Interaksyon, the patient, Ken Santiago, had intended ...
An economic analysis of the overpriced tickets in this country
It’s expected: When a concert organizer announces that a certain artist or group is coming over to the Philippines for a gig, Facebook comes alive! The air is practically buzzing from the excitement of fanboys and fangirls who have been waiting for ...
Looking forward to the safe and cottony world of Coldplay
It didn’t take too long for us to do the math and realize that flying to a neighboring country to watch a concert was all-around better value than staying put to wait for the tour to hit the Philippines. Even then, it ...
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