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The local "streetwear king" is now also gaining audiences for his highly entertaining video features on restaurants and eating places.
Christian “Bigboy” Cheng is a guy who wears many hats. His current one is probably a Supreme-labeled cap or A Bathing Ape beanie or a regular baseball cap. From being a DJ, to art influencer, businessman and now food vlogger, Cheng has ...
The collector estimates the scroll was worth $300 million.
A calligraphy scroll by former Chinese leader Mao Zedong estimated to be worth millions of dollars was cut in half after it was stolen last month in a high-profile burglary in Hong Kong, police said.READ MORE ON CRIME:The Most Notorious International Crimes ...
With the owners being avid collectors, there was an obvious need to create enough walls to hang a substantial part of their collection.
Having grown up in the southern Philippines, he sought refuge from the dizzying Manila frenzy in a place surrounded by only quiet and greenery. Admittedly, the easy access to indulge in a game of golf whenever he chose was a welcome bonus. ...
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