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The stand-up comic talks about writing his first book, Mixed Plate.
In Jo Koy’s first-ever book called Mixed Plate, the comedian talks about his growing up years in vivid detail that he only hints at during his stand-up comedy performances. He punctuates the stories with a punchline in his live act, but in ...
The Fil-Am comedian is bringing his Just Kidding Tour to the Philippines next year.
Fil-Am comedian Jo Koy is coming back to the Philippines to do two shows in Manila and Cebu for his Just Kidding World Tour in January 2020. Jo Koy has been a stand-up comedian for years but has recently gained international prominence through ...
These 34 Pinoy comedians have already passed away, but their memorable antics will remain forever.
The country never runs out of Filipino comedians.This should come as no surprise since the Philippines was named the 69th in the latest World Happiness Report by the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network—up by two notches from the previous year.In early ...
The 34-year-old comic artist is also a full-time policeman.
When the cover of the digital comic series Comedians Reborn was posted on Facebook earlier this month, it immediately went viral on social media, with several news agencies picking up the story.The cover, an eye-catching and colorful work of art, brought together ...
Because zombies and werewolves and haunted houses aren't completely serious
You know that laugh, the one that comes right after something in a horror movie—a sudden knife-attack, a ghost's reveal, some stupid cat that knocked over a paint can—scares the hell out of you? Yeah, you laugh—because you don't want anyone to ...
He's actually funny in real life.
When I first met Victor Anastacio in 2009, I immediately asked him to tell me a joke. He won top prizes at Jack TV's 2007 Laffapalooza and was slowly building a reputation in the comedy circuit with Comedy Cartel, so I assumed ...
"She was in a hippity-hoppity mood that day."
When Robert Kelly appeared on BBC World News on Friday, he expected to give expert commentary on the impeachment of South Korea's president. He did just that, but along the way he became the Internet's newest obsession, because his kids adorably crashed ...
From the archives: The 'Eat Bulaga' host talks women, children, and the state of Pinoy humor.
JOEY DE LEON71, comedian and television personality.As you grow older, humahaba na iyong love. Iyong sex, umiikli. Ang love lang talaga ang naiiwan. Family lang ang love. Doon lang nage-endure ang love. Importante sa love and sex, unang-una, [ay ang] smell. Bumabagsak ...
Video of the century.
Robert E. Kelly was talking to BBC World News about impeached South Korean President Park Geun-hye when he said: "The question is, how do democracies respond to those scandals."But he soon had some crisis management of his own to conduct. Mid-way through ...
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