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In Batman: Urban Legends #6, Robin agrees to go on a date with Bernard.
Some people are just too sexy to be straight: George Michael, James Dean, Bert and Ernie, Sebastian the Crab from The Little Mermaid, probably, and now, as we all suspected, Robin. Yes, that Robin. Batman’s trusty sidekick has officially come out as LGBTQ+. In ...
'Carnal Tales' blends folklore and religious elements.
Filipino superstitions, folklore, and religion take the spotlight in a Filipino comic book about twin brothers who find themselves reliving the lore they heard from their grandmother in their childhood.Carnal Tales masterfully blends elements from Filipino folklore and Catholicism to create a rich ...
He inked some of Marvel's most popular franchises.
Award-winning comic artist and writer Gerry Alanguilan passed away on December 21, 2019, and comics giant Marvel, with whom he had worked, has written a fitting tribute to celebrate his skills."We all mourn the loss of a great man and offer our thoughts ...
Nothing but respect for my Man of Steel.
The DC cinematic universe gave us many great and terrible things. Jared Leto as The Joker. Bald Jesse Eisenberg. Sad Ben Affleck. But among all the glorious disasters of Warner Bros.'s ever-crumbling superhero movieverse, the Superman Mustache fiasco was among the very best.To refresh, ...
Everything we know about the new Darna.
After months of searching and endless online debates, the new Darna has finally arrived in the form of Jane Florence Benitez De Leon, a 20-year-old talent under Star Magic. De Leon now shoulders the responsibility of portraying the most iconic heroine in ...
A decade after Twilight, Pattinson is ready to play the most vampiric of comic book heroes
He has, as a colleague pointed out to me last week, the jaw for it. He also has, as Hollywood types like to say, the chops. And now, if rumor is to be believed (it so often isn’t, but indulge us), Robert ...
It's about time.
Filipino comic book fans went into a frenzy when it was revealed that Marvel finally decided to give the Philippines some representation in their superpowered universe with Wave. Fortunately, I got the chance to talk to the man behind the Filipina superhero.Film director and ...
The 34-year-old comic artist is also a full-time policeman.
When the cover of the digital comic series Comedians Reborn was posted on Facebook earlier this month, it immediately went viral on social media, with several news agencies picking up the story.The cover, an eye-catching and colorful work of art, brought together ...
JV Tanjuatco shares how he runs Comic Book Lab and where he sees the industry going.
JV Tanjuatco was in the middle of doing his master’s thesis at the Asian Institute of Management when an unlikely idea hit him: setting up a comic book publishing business.Being an MBA student, his first concern was its financial viability. He noticed ...
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