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Now available in Manila.
Do you know that Comme des Garçons, the label of choice of cool people like artists, musicians, Tokyo-philes, and anyone who gravitates toward uncommon essentials, has been releasing holiday-themed collections for about 20 years now.Last year, it did a sort of tartan-grinch ...
And it's a lot cheaper than bidding for an original painting.
Want to own a masterpiece that won't break the bank? Then get your hanss on the latest collab from Comme des Garçons Shirt. CDG designer Rei Kawakubo pays homage to a longstanding collaboration with artist Jean-Michel Basquiat (she cast him as a ...
At least if legendary fashion brand Comme des Garçons has anything to say about it.
For a little while there, Nike Shox seemed inescapable. The technology, and the line of sneakers featuring it, debuted in 2000 and quickly became A Whole Thing. Did the shoes themselves look kind of bonkers? Yep! But remember, this was the early ...
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