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It's definitely alarming.
2020 is really that year. From a pandemic to murder hornets to an asteroid that came relatively close to us, it's like there's a new thing that threatens all of humanity each week. The latest thing we have to be alarmed about, ...
Binance Charity has raised $4 million in donations worldwide.
Cryptocurrency watchers will know that Binance is currently the largest crypto exchange in the world. Forbes estimates its trading volume reaches $11 billion daily. Top Story: 8 Filipino Actors Who Married into High SocietyFounded in China but now based in Tokyo, Japan, Binance is essentially ...
He's a newly minted doctor and mayor.
It may have been a natural progression when newly minted physician Marco Chavez was elected Mayor of the town of San Jose in Camarines Sur just last year. As soon as COVID-19 broke in the Philippines, the 20-something public servant returned to ...
‘The biggest potential of bikes isn’t in sports or leisure, but in mobility.’
I’ve never met Christian, not in the real sense of the word, but I find myself asking him questions about him and his son, Ian. They live in San Mateo, Rizal, and have been traveling by bicycle to Pasig for Ian’s cerebral palsy ...
Mindanao is one of the country’s agricultural hubs.
One of the problems people faced during the lockdown was ensuring a good supply of fresh food—a vital part of the daily diet that helps ensure good health.TOP STORY: Pepsi Paloma's Life in PhotosFor 32-year-old Nasrudin Buisan, encouraging people to use whatever space ...
The CBCP is on the alert.
It's like Spotlight all over again. A Spanish priest accused of molesting underage parishioners and is facing sexual abuse allegations has escaped his home country and may have fled to the Philippines. His name is Fr. José Maximiano Campos Ruiz. In a circular released by the ...
He is now a frontliner in Australia.
Millions of medical health workers are risking their lives every day because of the COVID-19 outbreak, but Filipino nurse Suharto Jundam, however, wouldn't have it any other way.Suharto, or "Jao" to his friends, was the seventh placer in the 2015 nursing board exams.Despite ...
Report it straight away.
Instances of child abuse saw an increase during the COVID-19 lockdown in the Philippines, with poverty-ridden families resorting to peddling minors to pedophiles online just to get cash for food and other necessities. In a previous report from the Associated Press, Internet Protocol ...
Due to loss of income, the Lyger Sanctuary in Rizal is struggling to keep its animals alive.
Animals all over the world are being affected by COVID-19. Elephants in Thailand have been laid off, Avilon Zoo and Malabon Zoo have been asking for donations, and even the Philippine Eagle Center has lost its main source of income. Joining this sad offshoot of ...
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