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The Lakambini of the Katipunan played an important role in the Philippines’ struggle for independence.
One quiet evening in March 1893, a young couple stood in front of a gathered audience in Oroquieta Street, Santa Cruz, Manila. The house was owned by Restituto Javier and his wife Benita. The young couple had been married barely a week ...
Using objects such as passports, mahjong sets, and Russian dolls, the following artists pay tribute to their moms and the complexity of being a mother.
Mother's—they are women first, with dreams, fears, and memories. It can be unsettling to realize that they are not infallible, but paying honest tribute to them entails embracing their past and all the complexities that come with it.  This idea is explored in ...
Francis Kurkdjian's latest scent story is the perfect gift for Mother's Day. Or any day, really.
“It’s all about the story,” says Francis Kurkdjian, founder of the eponymous luxury perfume maison in Paris, when asked about the inspiration for his fragrances“What is my story? What do I want to tell? What is the aim of the story and what ...
The fight for women's right to vote lasted over three decades.
Lorena Barros once said that the “new Filipina is first and foremost, a militant.” But Filipinas have been militant for decades before Lorena uttered her famous phrase.One episode in this history was on April 30, 1937, when Filipino women convinced the National ...
Level up your chocolate game this Mother’s Day.
Whether it’s date night or a special holiday, chocolates are the best gift ever. While it may seem overly simple on some occasions, you just can’t go wrong with a box of these deeply tasty treats. When it comes to giving chocolates ...
Tame unruly pandemic hair by giving these barbers a call.
GCQ, ECQ, MECQ? Local businesses, including neighborhood barbershops, have been struggling with the fickle open-close situation of the quarantine. Meanwhile, your bed of hair is starting to resemble the potted plant you adopted during your plantito phase: wild and in need of a good ...
After his capture in Palanan during the Philippine-American War, the desire for an independent Philippines continued.  
On April 19, 1901, Emilio Aguinaldo issued a proclamation that broke the heart of thousands of revolutionaries nationwide. “The complete termination of hostilities and a lasting peace,” he said, “are not only desirable but absolutely essential to the welfare of the Philippines.” It ...
Themes and ideas in Filipino cinema match with Hollywood’s best.
The Academy Awards in the Philippines are a tenuous thing. Since it airs during the daytime in the Philippines, it is common to discuss it over lunch break at work, but usually most haven’t seen any of the nominees. This is truer ...
From the Great Fire of Sri Lumay to the treaty that ended the reign of the Rajahs, the history of Cebu history is rich and complex.
Here’s a fun fact you can bring up whenever we can go back to not wondering whether the pandemic or abject hunger will kill us first: Cebu City is the first and oldest city in the Philippines, having been founded in April ...
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