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No one's perfect.
Celebrities aren't perfect, we know that much. They're exalted beings, sure, but they're not infallible, which is probably why we pounce on every news of their imperfections, from who is balding prematurely to who was busted with drugs in their vehicle.The latter, by the way, ...
The look of education has changed so much.
With a lot of schools using online tools to continue in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, have you ever wondered how Filipinos used to go to school? Well, wonder no more because here are some photos and the stories from decades ...
Ipaglaban Mo!
Before streaming platforms like Netflix offered true crime shows and documentaries, the Philippines already had its fair share of dramatized murder and mayhem. Top Story: Here Are Some Actual Very Crazy and Very Rich AsiansMost of these shows aired in the '90s and '00s ...
Better medicine and testing are also coming to the country.
Over the past few months, our knowledge of COVID-19 has been growing. It's a good time to focus on positive developments in COVID-19 prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.Top Story: Manny Pacquiao to Run for President, Reveals Bob ArumPhysical distancing of at least one meter or more ...
These brands are proudly Filipino.
Dreams of savoring food cravings were crushed momentarily when news of the COVID-19 pandemic broke in March. This meant having little access to treats such as ice cream and gelato, which one can easily enjoy in a normal circumstance.TOP STORY: These Are the ...
Mindanao is one of the country’s agricultural hubs.
One of the problems people faced during the lockdown was ensuring a good supply of fresh food—a vital part of the daily diet that helps ensure good health.TOP STORY: Pepsi Paloma's Life in PhotosFor 32-year-old Nasrudin Buisan, encouraging people to use whatever space ...
Literally building that Filipino Pride.
Standing tall, these buildings and structures are literally giving us Filipino Pride. Here are some of the Philippine buildings—both new and old—that are world-renowned for their artistry, eco-friendliness, and sustainability.The 33-story building captures the attention of most Makatizens because of its all-glass ...
Travel is just that...a dream.
Travel may be the farthest thing from everyone’s minds right now, but one can dream of better days ahead, right? And after all of this blows over, we all deserve a vacation somewhere quiet and remote, where we can relax, heal, and ...
Every hero is also part villain.
Filipino movies and teleseryes have raised us to believe that heroes are infallible (and, in some cases, bulletproof). In real life, however, it’s not so black-and-white. Our national heroes were flesh and blood who made mistakes just like any other Filipino during their ...
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