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The South Korean football star talks about Tumi's latest campaign and what he packs on trips—short getaways and the World Cup included.
The below interview first appeared in Esquire Korea, and has been translated into English.Son Heung-min: I'm home now and typing my answers very carefully on my laptop. [Laughs.] No music or video is playing. I enjoy the silence sometimes.I just got home from training. I ...
The road to graduation was a tough one for both students.
When photographer Xyza Bacani saw Vice President Leni Robredo at a small graduation party after New York University's commencement ceremonies, she asked Robredo if she could be her mother for the day."My parents couldn't make it to my graduation because we are ...
Get the private island experience on this tropical paradise that has been likened to Amanpulo.
If you've ever fantasized about buying your own island, then you're in luck. There's actually an island in Busuanga, Palawan, that you can rent all to yourself.Just 30 minutes away from the airport and 20 minutes by boat is the North Cay Nature Island, ...
When sport meets luxury.
Having been cooped up at home over the past few years, most of us have made several lifestyle changes. And, as we re-evaluate our priorities, our preferences in fashion tend to follow suit. So, if you're like the rest of us, you've ...
Tight trousers are poised for a comeback.
Netflix's crowd-favorite period drama Bridgerton has recently returned for another season. That means the opulent soirees and courtship festivities have officially recommenced. Needless to say, London's most eligible bachelors are up for the occasion—equipped with their finest coats and cravats. And, it ...
Welcome to the big leagues.
Congratulations, you just landed your dream job. We hear you finally have your own place now, too. Oh, and that car parked in your driveway is not too shabby either. Life is good. Except, you're still missing something. Hint: it has to ...
Here's why people on Lazada are raving about this new skincare label.
When it comes to skincare, or anything beauty-related really, there is a stigma that only women can be part of the conversation. Likewise, society often ridicules men who express and care for themselves through cosmetic products. A quick YouTube search of men's ...
The Pampanga native is making his mark on the big screen.
From an early age, Alex Mallari Jr. had always envisioned becoming an action star. "My mom recently went through my childhood notebooks from school. I had drawn a Hollywood sign. There, I play a villain and I'm saying, 'Put your hands up!' ...
That Bela Padilla is gorgeous is a given. But the actress who packed up everything and moved to London, England is also a writer, and now, a first-time film director.
In a world where fame and fortune are most coveted and celebrity can be gained—and just as easily lost—through a starring role in a movie or on TV, or even a post on social media, it's easy for those who have attained ...
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