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Whether they’re remakes or originals, these five early 2000s game shows will always remain iconic.
Netflix has pretty much pushed prime-time television closer to obsolescence. Today’s TV no longer gives us the same level of excitement old shows used to, leaving us with a longing for the timeless classics that new productions can’t seem to satisfy. For those ...
Baz Luhrmann creates a mythology of his own, crafting Elvis’ childhood as a sort of superhero origin story and it’s poignant and beautiful.
Elvis was larger than life. Never before or since had there been a single artist with such considerable cultural impact, who single-handedly shaped music and popular culture in the 1950’s whose influence can still be felt today, 45 years after his death. ...
When these actors aren't on screen, they're probably managing their businesses.
While acting alone already proves to be a demanding job, some Filipino actors have taken the extra mile, pursuing businesses while attending back-to-back tapings and memorizing long scripts. As these 10 actors’ ventures range from food enterprises to service establishments and music-related companies, they ...
More films like this and it’ll be to mediocrity and beyond.
The idea behind Lightyear is simple. It’s the movie that Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story is based on. The movie opens with this preamble, stating that Lightyear was Andy’s favorite movie, which is a little bit meta because there are now actually ...
An expert in nature and landscape photography, photographer Edwin Martinez was kind enough to share his photos with us.
With the passing of June’s Strawberry Moon, astronomy is once again the talk of the town. Astronomical occurrences like full moons and meteor showers have a way of making us earthlings stop and stare. But there’s one event that deserves just as ...
Joreen Bautista is coming back to Miss Saigon, and she’s more than just the legacy that someone left behind.
You might have fallen in love with Joreen Bautista over the last couple of years for her silken voice and twinkling eyes as the “Filipino Disney Princess” of social media. But when she’s on stage, playing Kim in Miss Saigon, Bautista exudes ...
Oh dear.
Ninoy Aquino International Airport has been named the “worst of the world’s busiest airports when it comes to business class travelers.” With a score of 0.88 out of 10, NAIA tanked the airport rankings of worldwide luggage storage app Bounce.According to Bounce, ...
Tom Cruise continues to defy nature as a man pushing 60 simply shouldn't look this good and move this well.
How do you make the perfect sequel to an iconic film? As it turns out, you wait 36 years. Top Gun came out in 1986 and has since become a cult classic and one of the defining films of the era, cementing ...
Founded to preserve the traditions of our cultural weavers, Tagpi is the passion project of Gabby Garcia, a 21-year-old student and social entrepreneur.
Intricate, laborious, and increasingly rare, the Filipino art of weaving is a priceless emblem of our indigenous cultures. No one knows exactly when or how our ancestors became masters of the loom, only that weaving has been practiced all over the Philippines ...
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