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In Soup Pot, you can experiment with Filipino cuisine to your heart’s content.
Last year, independent game studio Chikon Club delighted Filipinos with their mini-game Putahe ng Ina Mo. Now they’re back with Soup Pot, a game that lets you experiment with 100 Filipino recipes. It’s slated for release in August 2021, and will be ...
Who was he and why has history buried his legacy?
It is a cliché at this point in time to opine that history is written by the victors. However, they are clichés for a reason: for within the tropes lies a kernel of truth or revelation. And this is why writing the ...
Including a Philippine Eagle Sculpture for Enchanted Kingdom.
In 2016, Cebu-based artist James Doran-Webb wowed Filipinos with Mag-Anak, his driftwood sculpture of a family of Philippine Eagles. The piece was commissioned for Enchanted Kingdom’s Flying Agila Theatre, and depicts a mother eagle coming in for a landing while her partner ...
Last year, 2020, was the worst year of cyber attacks, and the war prizes are all for the reaping on the dark web. Passwords, PIN codes, passports—you name it, it's on the dark web. And the craziest part? It's all criminally cheap, ...
Geek out over your favorite Ghibli films with tour guide Yosshi.
Hayao Miyazaki fans, we’ve found the perfect virtual tour for you. Japan Wonder Travel’s Ghibli Spots in Japan tour takes you to various locations all over Japan that served as inspiration for the scenes in films like My Neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away, ...
Along with interesting trivia on how Spanish has made its mark on Tagalog and other Philippine languages
In history class, we’re often taught that the friars didn’t teach Filipinos to speak Spanish because they wanted us to remain ignorant. But if that’s true, why is it that former colonies in North and South America like Mexico, Colombia, and Venezuela have ...
Meaningful Travels PH brings Quiapo Muslim Town to your home with their Maranao meal boxes.
The best parts of travel are experiencing new cultures and tasting new flavors. Unfortunately, the current COVID-19 situation makes staying at home the safest and most ethical choice. Thankfully, agencies like Meaningful Travels PH are making it possible to explore the world ...
No travel? No problem. This app is perfect for couch potatoes and fitness buffs alike.
Most of us will never climb Mount Everest or hike the entire Pacific Crest Trail. Heck, some of us find it difficult to even get off the couch. And the fact that the pandemic prevents us from traveling abroad doesn’t exactly help. ...
To some, he was a hero. To others, he was the American Caesar.
Up to this present moment, the very name of Douglas MacArthur in the Philippines still elicits positive reactions. MacArthur is synonymous with freedom from Japanese rule and of giving the Philippines its (formal) independence. He is cited often as a great general, ...
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