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It’s easier to cancel a person than the issue itself. And the issue is far more complicated than it seems.
What is art if not to disturb the comfortable?A photo of a celebrity and her art has been circulating the net. Despite all her talent, she was burned for supposedly using poverty porn for her own benefit. At first glance, it’s a ...
The existential dread of just another desensitized Gen Z.
“Citizens, do you want a revolution without a revolution?”This stirring provocation was delivered by the French revolutionary Maximilien Robespierre before the National Convention in 1792. Both adored and reviled, he stood as the apostle of a defining moment in European history, which ...
The richest is also among the most altruistic.
Forbes Asia annual list, Heroes of Philanthropy, is out and it has named the Philippines richest man, billionaire tycoon and former senator Manny Villar, as one of Asia’s leading philanthropists and the only Filipino on the list.Forbes Asia narrows down its (unranked) ...
We can't be in quarantine forever.
Recently, the Philippine government released to the public its “Ingat Angat” initiative that introduced the agenda of normalizing our country in a post-pandemic era. The reception was mixed, with much of the negative reaction expressed on Twitter. Some considered the policy to ...
Her death comes just nine months after Lucio Tan’s son, Lucio “Bong” Tan Jr., passed away in November, 2019.
Lucia “Letty” Gonzalez-Tan passed away on Monday, August 31, 2020, at the age of 77.She is the mother of Michael, LT Group president, son of industrialist and Philippine Airlines taipan Lucio Tan. In a statement, the Tan family said Letty's death was caused ...
On Philippine history: Should it be told in context to the nation or to the globe?
History must be learned and read, but how must it be told? This is the challenge of historians and historiography today.Top Story: Mark Twain Had an Idea For a Philippine FlagHistoriography, or the act of writing history, is not just a matter of ...
Time for hard truths. Not all of them are pretty.
Long, short, skinny, thick, cut, uncut—we’re firm believers that all penises were created equal. And all penises matter. But not all of them are pretty, at least to the eyes of women.According to a study by Dr. Norma Ruppen-Greef, women appreciate grooming ...
Support local entrepreneurs and buy these delicious goodies from Samar.
When you browse through the grocery aisles, choosing which snacks to buy, have you ever thought of the people who make those goodies? If the product was manufactured by a big company, it was probaly made by numerous workers lined up in ...
As they say, everything in moderation.
Now that’s a headline we never thought we’d write. It sounds more like a line out of an ultra-conservative Catholic school textbook to scare students into wearing chastity belts. But no, it’s science.According to a study by the University of Nottingham, men ...
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