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Namit, gid!
“Hidlaw” is the Higaynon term for longing—the yearning, the missing, the deep desire for something or someone. It’s also the theme for this year’s Negros Trade Fair, the nation’s longest-running trade fair, always a favorite among lovers of Negrense comfort food and ...
Singapore cuisine tells the story of its heritage, which is not so different from the Philippines.
Much like the Philippines, Singapore’s food identity is a melting pot of culture. Traces of Malay, Chinese, and Indian cuisine have influenced the country, shaping Singapore into the gastronomic capital we know of today. A tour of the Lion City would be incomplete ...
The Rings of Power feels like coming home.
The much-heralded billion-dollar The Rings of Power dropped on Amazon Prime last Friday and it’s really quite something. What that something is, exactly, will probably only be fully defined once the series is over or maybe even long after that. Much like ...
Super Hero delivers 99 minutes of truly enjoyable, wholesome fun that reminds us all that fathers and father figures are only really heroes when they’re there for their family
No one would fault the casual viewer for assuming that Dragon Ball is a cartoon that celebrates hypermasculinity. After all, almost all of its heroes are extremely buff dudes who constantly flex and whose constant clashes over the past decades can be ...
Seoul Vibe feels every bit like a modern film but with all the trappings of nostalgia.
Netflix has been on overdrive promoting its new Korean action movie Seoul Vibe. Set in 1988 during the Seoul Olympics, the film is sort of a retro Fast and Furious meets Baby Driver with a generous heaping of neon. The film is ...
The film is as confusing as it is haunting, as Peele moves away from the straightforward storytelling of Get Out and Us.
Nope is a lot to digest. Two weeks after seeing the Jordan Peele’s third film, there’s still so much to unpack and I haven’t made up my mind about whether or not to recommend it or if I’d want to see it ...
How wars and plagues were immortalized in… nursery rhymes.
Nursery rhymes are fun to sing. They’re easy to learn. And they’re for kids—right? Not exactly. It might sound cynical—even fairytales don’t seem to be the most child-friendly—but there’s some truth to it. Many of the most beloved nursery rhymes actually have some ...
It’s just four hours away from Manila, perfect for a quick trip.
In the hills of Bali in Indonesia lies mystical Ubud, tucked away among rice fields and rain forests. It’s where dreams are created and lived, as artists find sanctuary among like-minded souls.It was the introduction to a long weekend on the island ...
Featuring Quicksilver, Billabong, DC, and more.
Crazy comes in all shapes and sizes—for instance, the kind of craziness brought about by the pandemic is absolutely nothing like the rush of adrenaline you get from going on an epic adventure. Whether you’re catching waves in sunny Baler or skating ...
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