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The Philippines is the third-largest crab exporter globally.
Oceana has released a new report showing that the illegal seafood trade, fueled in part by U.S. demand, is hurting local fishing communities around the world. Among the affected countries is the Philippines, where a significant amount of illegally caught seafood that ends up ...
For as low as P500 a month. 
The Philippines is slowly winning in conservation efforts to protect the tamaraw and the whale shark or butanding from extinction. This is thanks to decades of hard work and sacrifices of conservation groups, communities, and local governments. In July 2021, the World Wide Fund ...
The carmaker is doing its part to help save the pangolins.
Pangolins are as tough as they come in the wild. They’re the only mammals that have thick armored scales, which serves as their only means of protection aside from their wolverine-like claws against larger predatory mammals like cougars and lions. Unfortunately, they ...
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