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Converse sneakers are straightforward and timeless. And that's why you still wear them today.
Ten out of 10 men own Converse sneakers. Okay, that’s a statistic that we pulled out of a mystery hole, but there is a very high probability that most men—if not all men—own a pair of Chucks. Go ahead and ask the guys ...
The timeless sneaker has been the favorite of men, from basketball players to musicians, from fashion stars to you, for decades.
Here's a quick history of Converse and its iconic shoe that’s loved by fans over the globe.The must-have sneakers on every sneakerhead’s list are plenty, but there are very few that are as timeless as the Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star shoe. Its ...
Tyler, The Creator's Golf le Fleur Burlap collection is in Manila.
How about something different? The Converse Burlap pack by Golf Wang, the streetwear company of Tyler, The Creator, features two Chuck Taylor 70s, with one in that earthy brown burlap texture and the other with a clean off-white upper. Both colorways features Golf ...
The Chuck Taylor All Star, One Star, and Fastbreak are now ready to battle the weather.
There's no escaping the elements at this time of year. Whether you're running to your car or booking it for the subway, the cold and wet are an everyday reality come fall and winter. And that goes double if you want to ...
The collection takes a little bit of everything from everywhere and makes something very cool.
Brain Dead is one of those brands you might not know you know. But the look is unmistakable. Led by Kyle Ng and Ed Davis, the L.A.-based "creative collective" deals in graphics that draw from the worlds of post-punk, skateboarding, comics, and ...
The collab with a tattoo artist results in shoes that are, quite actually, meant to be worn through.
Converse's latest sneaker is a true test in what footwear can do. The second collaboration with celebrity tattoo artist Dr. Woo blends the artistry that accompanies both tattoos and footwear. Woo designed the shoes so that the shoe's canvas breaks down into ...
It's just the high-low kind of sneaker you need.
Designer J.W. Anderson (and his namesake brand) isn't afraid to play with the idea of fashion. He's constantly bringing a high-fashion approach to a more accessible level, creating new takes on old favorites. His newest work with Converse exemplifies just that. The ...
Because swim trunks are only one part of the equation.
Just because you have a pair of swim trunks in your closet doesn't mean you're all set with your beach style. It just means that you can go swimming without breaking any public nudity laws.To really look good when hanging out in ...
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