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As Filipinos lean on a culture of compassion, donation fatigue sets in.
As COVID-19 travels throughout the world, many people are stuck at home—and more than ever, they rely on their government to guide them through.But in the Philippines, the nation struggles—not only to keep COVID-19 in check, but to provide basic necessities to ...
The city government is providing the masks to its constituents.
Quezon City has begun distributing face masks to the public.Mayor Joy Belmonte made the announcement after issuing Executive Order No. 25 requiring a mandatory wearing of facemasks within the city to prevent the spreading of the COVID-19 virus. Belmonte required her constituents to ...
In a time of crisis, brands both big and small are doing everything they can to help stop the spread of the novel coronavirus.
The rapid spread of COVID-19 presents an unprecedented challenge to people across the globe. Along with its tragic human toll, the virus has provoked mass panic, sending the markets tumbling to historic lows and causing dramatic shortages in products even tangentially related ...
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