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Pilipinas Shell Foundation, Inc. has been working in Palawan since its mother corporation launched the Malampaya Project in 2000.
When a large multinational corporation descends upon a community and puts their name on a few socially responsible projects, it’s easy to cast a cynical eye and say they’re just doing it for the PR. They are, to be honest, but they’re ...
It turns out CSR matters more to Filipino consumers than you’d think.
Environmental responsibility is a hot topic these days, especially with the controversial closure of Boracay last week. Even before the island came under scrutiny, a survey showed that a majority of Filipinos believe that businesses should ensure their practices don’t damage the environment. Last year, ...
A special edition of Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream funds a foundation for autism.
Sometimes men, the fragile humans that we are, need an excuse to buy grooming products that would otherwise make us feel a little too vain. We shouldn’t, of course, because the notion that going the extra mile for good grooming can somehow ...
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