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Here's what Guinness had to say.
The entry for Guinness World Records’ "Greatest Robbery of a Government," held by former Philippine President and dictator Ferdinand Marcos, is inaccessible and could not found as of March 10, 2022 on the official website of Guinness. The Philippine government's announcement that it ...
Some officials are unconvinced.
Nearly 100 percent of the P15 billion alleged to have been lost to corruption has already been liquidated, Philippine Health Insurance Corporation Dante Gierran said in a briefing on Tuesday, January 26.“Truth be told, that amount is not lost; it is just ...
The agency is also raising its contribution rate this year.
The Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) insists that the P15 billion alleged to have been lost to corruption in the agency is properly accounted for. In a statement released on Twitter on Thursday (December 31), the state-run agency said that a total of ...
Ethiopia, Gambia, Vietnam, and Tanzania obtained higher scores than the Philippines.
The Philippines ranked 113th of 180 countries surveyed on their perceived political integrity, according to the latest report of corruption watchdog Transparency International or TI, which regularly monitors the status of corruption in governments around the world using its corruption perception index ...
At least where the Bureau of Customs is concerned.
Corruption is nothing new in the Philippines—to put it lightly—so any move to combat it is most welcome. The Bureau of Customs certainly hasn't been winning any awards in the Most Trustworthy category but at the very least they're trying. The next ...
The country's score on the Corruption Perceptions Index is way below the world's average.
While the Philippines improved its standing on the 2018 Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI), moving to 99th from 111th in the previous period, it does not mean our government has become a more honest one.With a score of 36 in 2018, the Philippines ...
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