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Sometimes couples also need to adjust their individual lifestyles to suit new standards of living.
Many young couples experience some tension over finances during the early years of their marriage because of differences in values and priorities.Top Story: Inside the Lavish Life of the Ambanis, Asia's Wealthiest FamilyYour spouse may not share the same beliefs with you when ...
A new study about anxiety shakes up stale gender roles.
Here's your paradox (and some alliteration) for the week: Making more money makes men more anxious.Researchers from UConn, looking through data collected over the past 15 years from 3,000 heterosexual married people under the age of 33, found that men generally contributed ...
Eula Plana Tetangco weds Enrique Padilla Campos.
As Eula Plana Tetangco and Enrique Padilla Campos walked on the powdery white sand on the island of Siargao, an unsuspecting Eula turned around and saw Ikey on his knees, an encased diamond ring in hand.“I have never met anyone more caring ...
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