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Unlike many titleholders and crown bearers, Kylie Verzosa has come further along. In The Housemaid, her first starring role, the actor and advocate explores something new: dark delights and sensual dread.
Custom slip dress by Mikee AndreiBeauty pageants are a tricky thing. You're either a fan of them or you aren't, and either way you almost always have to explain yourself.If there's anyone that doesn't need to explain themselves, it's the Beauty Queen. ...
The wunderkind director is woke to the strange rules of the new order, smuggling subtext in different genres and exploring all available platforms. Most of all, Red knows that, in this post-pandemic world, we don’t have infinite time.
Mikhail Red was 21 when he made his first feature film, Rekorder. It was about a drifter who pirated movies, a film that was enamored with the behavioral effects of the overconsumption of technology and violence. The movie was screened at the Cinemalaya Film Festival ...
When not moonlighting as DJ Katsu or climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, the 28-year-old businesswoman headlines the net-positive investment firm KSR Ventures and events company CC:Concepts.
It’s 9 in the morning at Solaire, and already guests are positioned at the card tables and the slots, looking like they just rolled out of bed, or never went home to it. Solaire’s decadent, winner-takes-all interiors transport you to another place, ...
After putting her mark on the heart-roiling Filipino genre, the actress is setting her sights on bigger and bolder things.
We’re following Bea Alonzo up and down a hotel hallway like a dolly crew on a movie set. We pause as she poses by a window, and roll on as she advances toward the next photo. In this setup, she’s been told ...
The healthy neighborhood grocery was born out of its founders' desire to feed their families better and smarter.
A deeply personal venture that extends beyond ambition and business models, Real Food, the healthy neighborhood grocer founded by Nicole Fandiño, Honey Almendral, Bea Lhuillier, and Katrina Mañosa, is the realized vision of four mothers and their desire to thoughtfully nourish and ...
These young twenty-somethings know better than to let this marvelous life decade pass without making a mark and making the most of it.
Sam Sadhwani devoured books when she was a child. She asked for books as presents and spent most of her time reading. “I remember my mom would actually read my Judy Blume books just to make sure the themes were appropriate for ...
In line with the 50th anniversary of Ballet Philippines, T&C catches up with the spirited woman who started it all.
National Artist for Dance Alice Reyes, founder and current artistic director of Ballet Philippines, is every bit the individual you’d expect her to be. She is a cresting wave; a force of power and grace crowned by a bold shock of white ...
The senator's wife is in total control of her life.
On Audrey: Pink silk spaghetti strap top, Vivien Ramsay, Tropa Store; belt, Jun Escario, Greenbelt 5; tiered skirt, Robbie Santos.Photographs by ARTU NEPOMUCENOStyled by MEG MANZANO assisted by SOPHIA BERBANO CONCORDIAProduced by NICOLE LIMOS MORALES assisted by CHELSA GLORIAMakeup by CLAIRE SEELIN DIOKNOHair by RICK DIOKNOShot on location at HENRY HOTEL MANILAIt ...
David Jacob has done it all—established a flourishing career, married the girl of his dreams, and found balance in work and play—and now he talks about his grand plans for the future.
Photographs by ARTU NEPOMUCENOStyled by PAOLO CHUAProduced by NICOLE LIMOS MORALESGrooming by CLAIRE SEELIN DIOKNODavid Jacob exudes the energy of a man between generations. His age—51 years young this year—suggests he belongs to the Generation X demographic: that of the cynical slackers ...
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