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It's still up for review by independent scientists.
A drug company says partial results from a study testing an antibody drug give hints it may help keep mild to moderately ill COVID-19 patients from needing to be hospitalized, a goal no current coronavirus medicine has been able to meet.Top Story: The ...
The fate of humanity hangs on the survival of the horseshoe crabs. 
Once a year during the full moon, thousands of horseshoe crabs emerge from the depths of the ocean and gather on the beaches on the Atlantic coast to perform a prehistoric ritual: spawning. Like clockwork, the horseshoe crabs repeat this ritual every ...
Here's why it could be instrumental to finding a cure.
COVID-19 hits a number of people harder. What we know is that this includes older people, as well as those with underlying medical problems. But, a new study says that even bald men may have to be added to the list.Top Story: We Finally ...
Not all masks are effective against the virus.
Face masks are hard to come by during these times and you could be pushed to look for an online seller that can ship face masks straight to your doorstep. While it’s convenient to add to cart, you should still check if ...
When the government is giving them for free.
A COVID-19 rapid test provided by your local government is usually free. But in some private hospitals, tests could fetch for P1,500 to as high as P6,500, which leads many people to ask why.Before you jump to assumptions, you must know that ...
Even with considerable distance.
Now that the government has allowed outdoor exercise with the condition that people observe physical distancing and wear face masks, it is worth noting that those who run without facemasks could be spreading aerosols farther than the two-meter physical distance recommended by authorities.The following ...
Thanks to RITM, we're beginning to understand the virus even more.
The Philippines has reported its first set of SARS-CoV-2 (virus that causes the COVID-19 disease) genome sequences, which have been added to the global, open-source project tracking the trail of the COVID-19 pandemic, Nextstrain. On April 28, Nextstrain grouped the Philippines' first reported ...
Put down the scotch, stat.
Sorry to ruin a part of your quarantine routine, but science says drinking alcohol can actually make coronavirus worse. So, you better save your stash for later when this pandemic is over.According to the World Health Organization (WHO)—contrary to "news" spreading online—alcohol doesn't protect ...
A clinical researcher explains why it's currently hard for the country to convince research sponsors to participate in vaccine clinical trials.
It's been more than a week since President Rodrigo Duterte's declaration to prioritize Covid-19 vaccine development, affirming our readiness to participate in clinical trials, and even offering a P10 million reward for its discovery.But just how easy is it to discover and ...
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