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61 percent of Filipinos don’t want to get vaccinated. 
A recent survey conducted by Pulse Asia revealed that 61 percent of Filipinos are hesitant or against receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. Lack of information, compounded by misleading reports on the safety of COVID-19 vaccines and the social trauma caused by the Dengvaxia ...
May the force be with you.
Remember these cool face shields? The clear ones that make you like Boba Fett?Well, we found a store that offers them in the Philippines. While we can't confirm that they're exactly the same brand as the ones available in New York, they're ...
Manila City Mayor Isko Moreno said the local government is studying how to best implement a lockdown in Tondo. This is to help curb the spread of COVID-19 in the district.
Manila City Mayor Isko Moreno said on April 27 that Tondo might be placed under total lockdown in order to curb the district’s high number of COVID-19 infections.The district has the second-highest number of cases in Manila. According to Infection Prevention and Control Committee ...
The Philippines is one of 100 countries participating in the experiments.
At least 500 Filipino patients will participate in clinical trials in search for cure to COVID-19. The Department of the Health said the trials are part of the experiments led by the World Health Organization in searching for a viable cure for ...
The LGU has also rolled out its barangay-based testing initiative.
Taguig City has just rolled out its barangay-based and drive-thru COVID-19 testing as part of its Systematic Mass Approach to Responsible Testing (SMART) program which aims to ramp up the number of tests conducted within the community.The drive-thru testing will be available in temporary testing facilities at ...
Open your windows instead.
In an early release article from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP), researchers associated air conditioning with the spread of the COVID-19 virus.According to the study, nine people from three families were infected by one person in an air-conditioned restaurant in Guangzhou, ...
Twelve months? Eighteen months? Two years? Whatever happens, a vaccine will arrive later than we need, but sooner than ever before.
In the mid-2010s, an outbreak of Ebola ravaged West Africa. Between December 2013 and June 2016, the disease officially killed 11,308 people in Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone, although the World Health Organisation (WHO) believes the real figure is probably much higher.Ebola's ...
You can never be too careful.
If you're not a frontliner, your biggest contribution to solving the COVID-19 pandemic is to stay home. That could not be stressed enough. If you're a parent, we bet you don't need much convincing to stay home, knowing how fatal this disease is. ...
And boxing, too, apparently.
Who knew you could "ground" an entire barangay? Well, folks in Barangay 20, Manila, will be placed under a 24-hour shutdown after it was found they've been "conducting leisure activities," which is—in case we need to spell it out—in absolute defiance of the enhanced community quarantine. No, ...
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