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There's a reason why more and more people are choosing to work in a coworking space.
“Is there a coworking space near me?” In recent years, that question has become much easier to answer for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and hustlers around Metro Manila—and even in other parts of the country. It’s obvious that the coworking space concept has become ...
Two of the country's leading property analysts share their thoughts.
WeWork’s first co-working space in the Philippines was recently launched in  Uptown Bonifacio, adding to the operator’s global network of over 420 spaces in 27 countries.“With Philippines a rising company in Southeast Asia, there is no better time to be here than ...
Let us introduce to you the magic of a co-working space. Choose the space that feels most comfortable to you, and the work is sure to follow.
It’s the perfect setup. You’ve got your finances and ideas ready, you’ve got your big idea. You’re ready to devote a little more time on growing your passion and turning that hobby into something profitable. Most people call it a side hustle, ...
Coworking spaces represent the future of working. We put the spotlight on a pioneering enclave in Southern Manila.
Coworking spaces, increasingly found in urban areas all over the world, are more than just a passing trend—they represent the future of working. A great number of people in today’s economy do not fit into the “traditional office worker” category— either freelancing, self-employed ...
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