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The homegrown craft beer brand is slowly gaining recognition and expanding to more outlets.
The Philippines may still be inundated with beer from the undisputed market leader, but smaller breweries that offer craft beer are certainly making inroads. Take Engkanto for instance. The craft beer brand from Cebuano entrepreneur Ian Paradies and business partner Josh Karten is ...
Did you know there are already 60 craft beer breweries around the country?
You may already know how to properly classify your beer at this point—it’s time to actually enjoy them. The best way to do so? Indulge in rich, specially brewed craft beers that are different from the mass-produced canned ones.In case you don’t know ...
It's easy to love your own, but what about the rest?
The craft beer culture has grown exponentially in the Philippines in the past few years, but while the competition is thriving, so is the sense of community. We asked some of the country's top beer brewers probably the most difficult question of their ...
Who came up with this?
A brewing company from Virginia has thrown all caution to the wind and released 60 to 80 cases of Oreo-flavored beer, eliciting violent reactions from people who love Oreos and, well, beer. Some are delighted by this news; others can barely hold ...
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