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A fine addition to the Crazy Rich Asians cinematic universe.
Crazy Rich Asians fans are in for a treat. While the sequel is still in development, we're going to get another spin-off based on Kevin Kwan's China Rich Girlfriend. This time, we'll have a story that will revolve around Astrid Leong Teo ...
It is owned by the Crown Prince of Johor.
There is a sprawling plot of land in Singapore that allegedly inspired Crazy Rich Asians author Kevin Kwan to dream up the spectacular Young family estate seen in the film version of his novel. The estate, which is 30 times the size of ...
A few months ago, he was a little-known BBC television presenter. Now, Henry Golding is the star of Crazy Rich Asians, the box office hit of the year. The British-Malaysian discusses growing up in Surrey, his unlikely ascent to Hollywood and how he hopes to be a new kind of leading man.
There’s a lull in the action, so after three hours gamely getting dressed and undressed, sitting six or seven different ways on the same armchair, lowering himself in and out of an empty bathtub and leaping through (and back through) empty doorways, ...
The differences go beyond that intense mah jong showdown.
If your internet browsing and excessive clicking have brought you to this story, we're assuming that you’ve already seen Crazy Rich Asians in your nearby cinema, otherwise, be wary of the movie spoilers ahead. In Kevin Kwan’s novel, it is Felicity Leong, Astrid’s ...
The Truly Rich Lady muses about the box office hit.
No need to remind everyone that, aside from being a box office winner that brought in $35 million in five days in the U.S., a soon-to-be series with a sequel in the works, and a worthwhile escape from the realities of life, ...
Jon M. Chu explains how he reclaimed the word and used the song as an empowering anthem.
Crazy Rich Asians is a Hollywood triumph, and in the end, it's only fitting that the closing scene of this film is a magnificent party high above Singapore. After two hours of paying tribute to Asian culture and tradition, this final scene ...
The Hangover and Community star talks about the importance of representation, directing, and a good antacid.
Most people's introduction to Ken Jeong was likely when he was naked, straddling Bradley Cooper's face and beating him with a crowbar. That was in 2009, when The Hangover went on to gross nearly $500 million at the box office. This wasn't Jeong's first ...
Despite their high-profile family backgrounds, these bachelors have chosen to remain humble and under the radar.
When we were first introduced to Kevin Kwan's hero in the Crazy Rich Asians series, we wondered, "Could there ever be anyone as perfect as Nick Young?" In the trilogy, Nick remains modest despite his wealth and background. He chose a simple life ...
Have you ever been confronted by a train of—please excuse me—crotches in your face? When entering a row, please turn your body toward the screen.
Because an important little film called Crazy Rich Asians is coming up in theaters very soon, now would be a good time to brush up on the etiquette of shared watching.The important word to note here is “shared.” The cinema is not your ...
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