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It renewed on concerns on subway safety.
A Filipino man who was commuting to work on the New York City Subway was slashed across the face by an unidentified assailant, highlighting security concerns on the train system, reports said.Noel Quintana, 61, said the assailant was unprovoked and kicked his ...
Police arrested three farmers for taking part in the illegal game.
The police chief of a Philippine town was killed during a raid on an illegal cockfight when he bled to death after the razor-sharp metal blade on one of the roosters sliced an artery in his leg, officials said Wednesday.READ MORE CRIME ...
He branded some of his followers with his initials.
Disgraced self-improvement guru Keith Raniere, whose NXIVM followers included millionaires and Hollywood actors, was sentenced to 120 years on Tuesday for turning some adherents into sex slaves branded with his initials and sexually abusing a 15-year-old.READ MORE STORIES ON SEX CRIMES:The Filipino ...
He's been banned from owning animals for any reason in the future.
A man accused of raising hundreds of roosters in Virginia to ship overseas for cockfighting was sentenced to six months in jail Tuesday.READ MORE STORIES ON CRIME:Child Pornography Booms in PhilippinesThe Most Notorious International Crimes that Happened in the PhilippinesEmmanuel Garcia, 55, ...
They loot bank accounts and spread ransomeware.
Microsoft announced legal action seeking to disrupt a major cybercrime digital network that uses more than 1 million zombie computers to loot bank accounts and spread ransomware, which experts consider a major threat to the U.S. presidential election.READ MORE STORIES ON HACKERSTwitter ...
Cosby was the first celebrity to go on trial in the #MeToo era.
Legal advocates are lining up on both sides of actor Bill Cosby's appeal as the Pennsylvania Supreme Court prepares to review his 2018 sex assault conviction.Top Story: Filipinos Named After COVID-19Cosby was the first celebrity to go on trial in the #MeToo era, ...
An alleged hostage situation unfolds.
Mallgoers rushed to the exits of Greenhills Mall in San Juan City after they heard gunshots fired inside the establishment.A Facebook post of Jec Carlos, who was at the mall at the time of the incident, alleged that the shooting took place on the ...
Feuding families, grisly murders, crimes of passion, and more!
The Philippines gets a bad rep for criminal cases, partly because they take ages to solve (if they get solved at all), and also because these "mysteries" are treated like tabloid sensations. Media in the '90s, in particular, had a habit of turning grisly ...
The most stylish, scary and downright sickening cinema about killers hiding in plain sight
Did you walk past a serial killer today? Maybe it was in the carriage of a packed commuter train, maybe a brushed shoulder in the refrigerated aisle of the supermarket. You probably didn't... but, maybe? They could be anywhere or nowhere and ...
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