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Remember Sef Gonzales?
Many of us are used to seeing grisly crime reported on the evening news: bloody shootings and stabbings, premeditated murders, accidental killings. A lot of these cases are perpetrated against victims by suspects they don’t know. But occasionally, we get incidents where ...
Nothing more than "kwentong barbero."
Our parents used every trick in the book to get us to behave when we were kids. They’d threaten to take our toys and gadgets away, give us death stares, or ground us in our rooms. In some extreme cases they’d hand ...
It’s allegedly involved in a hit-and-run incident in Pasig City.
The assistant secretary for communications and commuter affairs of the Department of Transportation (DOTr) Goddes Hope Libiran went on social media to express her grief and rage over the fatal hit-and-run accident of her cousin Juan Carlo DC Oliveros that happened in ...
Her first vlog is up on YouTube.
Karen Bordador had a thriving career as a radio DJ, host, and model when everything came to an abrupt halt in 2016. In August that year, she and her boyfriend Emilio Lim were arrested during a buy-bust operation in Pasig City. Both ...
How a man of God committed the worst mortal sins.
It all began with a string of strange murders in Pampanga in 1810. One by one, the bodies surfaced in the town of colonial-era Magalang. Spaniards and FIlipinos alike were swept up in wave of wave of curiosity along with brow-raising worry and ...
It renewed on concerns on subway safety.
A Filipino man who was commuting to work on the New York City Subway was slashed across the face by an unidentified assailant, highlighting security concerns on the train system, reports said.Noel Quintana, 61, said the assailant was unprovoked and kicked his ...
Police arrested three farmers for taking part in the illegal game.
The police chief of a Philippine town was killed during a raid on an illegal cockfight when he bled to death after the razor-sharp metal blade on one of the roosters sliced an artery in his leg, officials said Wednesday.READ MORE CRIME ...
He branded some of his followers with his initials.
Disgraced self-improvement guru Keith Raniere, whose NXIVM followers included millionaires and Hollywood actors, was sentenced to 120 years on Tuesday for turning some adherents into sex slaves branded with his initials and sexually abusing a 15-year-old.READ MORE STORIES ON SEX CRIMES:The Filipino ...
He's been banned from owning animals for any reason in the future.
A man accused of raising hundreds of roosters in Virginia to ship overseas for cockfighting was sentenced to six months in jail Tuesday.READ MORE STORIES ON CRIME:Child Pornography Booms in PhilippinesThe Most Notorious International Crimes that Happened in the PhilippinesEmmanuel Garcia, 55, ...
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