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Check out the chilling trailer.
Cebuano actress Chai Fonacier’s film Nocebo has finally released its first trailer, and it's just as chilling as we expected. Fonacier stars opposite the critically-acclaimed Eva Green and BAFTA-nominated Mark Strong in Nocebo, a psychological thriller film bordering on horror. Written by Garret ...
Hulu delved into the horror corner of the Philippines, home to a rich variety of folklore, many of them creepy or demonic in nature.
Ready for a horror marathon? Consider binge-watching Hulu’s Bite Size Halloween, a series of standalone shorts that explores horror stories from every corner of the world. For Season 3 Episode 18, Hulu delved into the horror corner of the Philippines, home to ...
AMC's new adaptation remixes the setting of Anne Rice's Gothic novel, but delivers on familiar thrills.
If you’re an Anne Rice reader tuning into AMC’s Interview With the Vampire, you might be shocked to find the premiere opening with immortal vampire Louis de Pointe du Lac posted up in a Dubai penthouse, confessing his life story to an elderly Daniel Molloy. Not ...
The kids are not alright.
Since House of the Dragon premiered, we knew it would be more than a power struggle for the throne. Underneath the political intrigue is even more layers that make House of the Dragon more nuanced, and perhaps even better, than its predecessor. Read ...
If you got serious bi vibes from the most recent episode, you're not the only one
House of the Dragon episode six introduced several new characters and a brand new Alicent, Rhaenyra and Laenor amid tongue removals, harrowing childbirth scenes and multiple fiery deaths—but it was a much smaller, subtle moment which captured many fans' attention.In the banquet scene ...
Starring veteran Filipino actress Dolly de Leon.
Save the date. One of the best films of the year is finally coming to Philippine cinemas next month. Triangle of Sadness, the critically acclaimed black comedy from Ruben Östlund, will be shown in Philippine cinemas nationwide starting November 30, 2022, exclusively distributed ...
In the new Netflix series, Ryan Murphy shows us Hughes's life before his fateful encounter with the serial killer.
Regardless of how you feel about Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, Ryan Murphy's Netflix series has surely renewed interest in the lives and experiences of Dahmer's victims. Most of them were gay and people of color, the dignity of their lives desecrated by both societal neglect ...
Heavy spoilers are ahead. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. 
In Episode 6 of The Rings of Power, the show’s slow-burn build-up came to end in an explosive climax. The latest episode might just be the show’s best yet as it unearthed even more layers to each character, hinted at important LOTR ...
Steven Spielberg, Sam Mendes and Damien Chazelle are all set to release their own celebrations of cinema, but these movies often show up the chasm in taste between industry types and the rest of us
"The most honest form of filmmaking is to make a film for yourself,” said Peter Jackson. If he’s right, then the next few months will bring honesty into the cinemas like never before, with three Hollywood heavyweights all due to release their ...
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