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They've literally got money to burn.
There’s a reason we’re in the golden age of fantasy and sci-fi content. Technology has finally caught up with the demands of the world-building of these complicated worlds. What was impossible a few decades ago is now possible with CGI, AI, and ...
21 novels with no obvious road map. Let's dive in!
So you're fired up about Dune hitting the big screen, and you're ready to dive into the world of Frank Herbert's beloved science fiction novels. Congratulations! You've got an exciting literary journey ahead of you. And whether you've dabbled in Dune lore before or you're completely ...
Check out the thrilling trailer of Uncharted.
As they say, fortune favors the bold. And that’s clearly what’s happening to Tom Holland. The 25-year-old Marvel star has teamed up with Sony Pictures once more, this time for the film adaptation of the beloved video game series Uncharted. The first trailer ...
Mobile Legends inspired him to write the song.
“Laro lang ako nang laro ng Mobile Legends, hindi ko naisip na, ‘Ba’t ‘di kaya ako gumawa ng kanta tungkol dito?’” Sponge Cola vocalist and guitarist Yael Yuzon told Summit OG in an exclusive interview. (I always play Mobile Legends and I ...
Dune II is not a done deal.
Movies are investments. For the big studios that fund them—we’re talking about the likes of Warner Bros. and Universal—every movie is a business move. Studios can pool up to $200 million into a big movie, betting on the film’s script, cast, director, ...
No one call the TVA.
It looks like Filipinos aren’t the only ones who love giving their kids, um, creative names. According to data from the U.S. Social Security Administration, the Marvel Cinematic Universe was a top source for popular baby names in 2020.And people just didn't ...
The latest show to blow up on the streamer is a perfectly wrapped up revenge tale.
So you've binged Squid Game, what do you cue up next? Well, Netflix has a new K-drama on tap, for just this very reason. Enter: My Name, starring Han So Hee, which follows the story of Yoon Ji Woo as she seeks revenge for ...
And you thought NFTs would just be a passing fad. 
NFTs are here to stay, and it seems like Sotheby’s is the latest institution of the old guard to catch on to the craze. The multinational luxury broker just launched its NFT-only marketplace, aptly named Metaverse. The business of art has never been so ...
The online expo will also showcase talks from well-known industry experts.
In a world where everything seems to be slowly turning digital, the creatives of the home and lifestyle trade are not to be left behind. More and more events have set themselves up through an online space in order to reach a ...
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