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The poor whale almost accidentally swallowed a human.
A humpback whale had the unfortunate experience of almost swallowing a human man on Friday. According to local news station WBZ-TV, Michael Packard, 56, was diving for lobster off the coast of Provincetown, Massachusetts early on Friday morning, when, suddenly, everything went ...
Conyo, pan de regla, and puto seko have very vulgar meanings in Spanish.
Considering the Philippines was colonized by Spain for 333 years, it is ironic how the vast majority of Filipinos do not speak Spanish. In fact, it is the only former Spanish colony where a majority of the citizens does not speak the ...
It was criticized for its 'ugly' visuals and 'poor' storyline.
China Captain has the hallmarks of a Hollywood production executed quite badly. Local audiences in China lambasted the web movie for looking too similar to Marvel’s Avengers, but also criticized its weak storyline. The movie was released on Tencent, a video streaming ...
It was rediscovered on a volcano island.
The Galapagos giant tortoise supposedly went extinct a century ago. But conservationists were pleasantly surprised when Ecuador confirmed that a giant tortoise discovered in 2019 in the Galápagos Islands was Chelonoidis phantasticus, the very same species declared extinct a hundred years ago. The ...
Kim Jong-Un doesn’t see it fit. 
Kim Jong-Un is not a fan of skinny jeans. This, along with mullets, body piercings, and basically anything too outlandish for the hermit nation. According to a state-run newspaper in North Korea, the slim-fitting jeans, which became a trend in 2008, were too ...
These aren't your average reactors.
On the tiny, nondescript island of Changbiao, in the Fujian province, the China National Nuclear Corporation is building two mysterious nuclear reactors that are drawing plenty of international attention—and concern.The reactors, which are scheduled to power up in 2023 and 2026, are ...
Another heartbreaking revelation you might have missed.
Over two decades since it exploded in stereos and became a karaoke party staple, "Minsan", a fan-favorite Eraserheads song, apparently makes its former frontman Ely Buendia cringe.The sentimental song from the 1994 album Circus, which has been played over 9 million times ...
The P213 billion HMS Queen Elizabeth is a formidable sight on any horizon.
The British are coming, and they’re sending the largest and most powerful ship they ever built in history. The HMS Queen Elizabeth is the Royal Navy’s fleet flagship. The brand-new aircraft carrier cost the kingdom a whopping P213 billion (£3.2 billion) to ...
There's a modern P50 banknote selling for P280.
Last week, we found a bilao that sells for P15,000 on Pottery Barn. Today, while shopping for a walis tambo online, we came across one selling for P1,400. It piqued our curiosity, so we searched for other expensive ordinary items for Filipino homes ...
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