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The International Olympic Committee wanted it on the medal.
Every Olympic gold medal has an interesting image on the back. It depicts a winged woman carrying a palm branch. She is standing in front of a large stadium.The woman on the medal is actually the Greek goddess Nike, whom the footwear ...
It's meant to send a poignant message.
While driving on EDSA for the first time in months, my friend pointed to a huge monument being erected in front of SM Megamall. “It looks like Valak,” he said. “It looks like the Nazguls from the Lord of the Rings,” I countered. “Why is ...
He just finished his bachelor’s degree in Quantum Physics in 18 months.
Eleven-year-old Laurent Simons just earned his bachelor’s degree in Quantum Physics. He finished that in 18 months and is the world’s youngest graduate for the course. Now, the young genius, nicknamed “Little Einstein,” wants to unlock the secret to immortality. Simons is based ...
A gallon of the horseshoe crab blood costs roughly P3 million.
Horseshoe crabs are older than dinosaurs. They have been around for more than 300 million years. Once a year during the full moon, thousands of horseshoe crabs emerge from the depths of the ocean and gather on the beaches on the Atlantic ...
The plant is critically endangered. 
There is a very rare and unknown plant that grows in the forests of Bicol, Philippines, and scientists have only recently documented its existence. The Amorphophallus caudatus belongs to a family of voodoo lily, which is also a member of the gabi plant, whose ...
An underwater fire burned for hours in the Gulf of Mexico.
A huge fire raged for five hours on the surface of the water in the Gulf of Mexico, Mexican authorities said, leaving tens and thousands on social media concerned about the environmental costs of the inferno caused by the gas leak and ...
If you’ve ever tasted Ifugao rice, consider yourself lucky. 
If you’ve ever tasted Ifugao rice, consider yourself lucky. Not a lot of Filipinos get to have the same experience—it is produced in small quantities, and is not available to a lot of places in the country. This heritage food is produced by ...
But it is in danger of disappearing forever. 
Twnety-five-year-old University of the Philippines botanist Maverick Tamayo was doing reconnaissance fieldwork on Mt. Komkompol in Bokod, Benguet when something caught his eye’s attention. A fiery-red flower hanging from a tree. “I was checking for plants that attach themselves to tree trunks when ...
Oriental Mindoro launches a travel app.
Oriental Mindoro is an underrated destination in the Philippines, and maybe that’s a good thing. The province has hidden waterfalls and white sand beaches that are largely untouched. Its corals and clear blue waters attract rare marine life, and its unspoiled mountains ...
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