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The bottle of 62-year-old aged whisky is one of 12 by famed distiller Richard Paterson.
Christie’s has sold its most expensive bottle of whisky yet. A 62-year-old aged bottle of Dalmore whisky has broken auction records for both the British luxury whisky maker and London's whisky bottles in general. The bottle exceeded its pre-sale estimate of P2 ...
The Dalmore's Paterson collection, with 12 individual bottles of rare whiskies from 1926 to the 1990s, was purchased by a young collector.
The Dalmore, a British luxury whisky maker, has confirmed reports that its prized Paterson collection has sold. The Paterson Collection is a compendium of Dalmore single malts featuring 12 individual bottles of rare whiskies, from 1926 to the 1990s. Valued at £987,500 ...
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