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Everything we know about the new Darna.
After months of searching and endless online debates, the new Darna has finally arrived in the form of Jane Florence Benitez De Leon, a 20-year-old talent under Star Magic. De Leon now shoulders the responsibility of portraying the most iconic heroine in ...
There's more to know about this homegrown heroine.
Superhero movies and comics have now become cool. The interest in the realm of superheroes and supervillains has grown, but sadly, our own local comic book heroes have been tragically overshadowed. So it’s high time we showed our Amazing Warrior Maiden, “Ang Kamangha-Manghang Dilag,” Darna, some ...
She does wonders even on Narda mode.
With the current craze over who finally got picked to wear the iconic costume, former Darna incarnations were also brought to the fore. It turned out to be a happy happenstance that Nanette Medved-Po was recently awarded as the Grand Winner of ...
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