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It’s a slap in the face when the person who eagerly swept you off your feet suddenly goes floating away.
Let’s talk about ghosts. No, not the spirits of the dead that occasionally come back to the land of the living. Those are not difficult to understand. They’re just lonely and miss us. The real supernatural phenomena are the alive and well ...
Are you only interesting to each other when there’s no other interesting thing around?
While the world stood still, we slid into DMs. That girl who likes a few of your posts and whose story you react to sometimes. That guy you met once and accepted on Facebook. The serpent of temptation takes the form of ...
The shipping fee is a bit steep.
This story has been updated with a statement from Lazada Philippines.The phrase “you can get anything on the internet” has never rung more true as it does today. On Lazada, for instance, you can even buy a car.Also read: This CEO Grew Up ...
How true are these stereotypes?
The Kanye West and Kim Kardashian pairing might seem one-in-a-million, but according to Anna Bey, a certified image consultant who founded the “School of Affluence,” it was a predictable union. The London-based consultant and vlogger released a rundown of what type of ...
Before you swipe, please read this very useful dating app guide.
Strange times. We have robot servants, floating cars, and space thingies flying all the way to Mars. Yet, we still haven’t figured out how to navigate the treacherous dimension of online dating and dating apps. To be fair, it’s a tough world, ...
All those date night expectations are met at these establishments.
Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, a birthday dinner, or an anniversary, deciding where to go for a special date can be quite a task. On those occasions particularly, the expectations are high. What constitutes a date-worthy restaurant? Nothing short of an amalgamation of ...
Real women on their biggest turnoffs.
Rudeness, a messy appearance, being late: Certain first date turnoffs are obvious. But if you’ve ever been ghosted after date number one, or simply thought an evening went well when it didn't, it could have been something you wouldn't necessarily expect. After ...
As someone who's done both, the Truly Rich Lady shares what it's like when there is an obvious age gap between people who are dating.
Dear Truly Rich Lady:  I've found myself in a relationship with a man younger than I am.Let’s say I am in my late 30s (okay—I am 40) and he is in his early 30s (he’s 27!), and we are so much in ...
It is possible.
At a wedding last weekend the conversation around the table turned, as it so often does in the presence of a freshly minted marriage, to finding love. "Where am I supposed to meet people?" the man to my left despaired, as though someone on ...
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