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The stars just aligned.
Carmen Apigo, 76, is the principal of the Philippine Nikkei Jin Kai International School and the administrator of the Philippine-Japan Historical Museum in Davao. She is a Japanese descendant, a Nikkei Jin—a fact that she shared with friends and colleagues only later ...
World-class chocolate doesn’t need to be imported.
We already know Malagos Chocolates are pretty great. They’ve won plenty of awards here and abroad and have become a source of pride for Filipinos; they’re delicious proof that chocolates need not be imported to be world-class. Here’s some more good news for fans ...
It kind of gives us the shudders.
Road signs are supposed to be useful and practical—they’re there to provide information to help guide motorists and commuters on their journey. But sometimes, you get the odd road sign that’ll just make you scratch your head and go, “Huh.”Top Story: World's Most ...
The Philippines is emerging as a potential cacao capital of the world.
The world is running out of chocolate—at least, that was on the news in 2014 amidst the aging cacao trees in major cacao-producing regions such as West Africa. But chocolate shortage is clearly not the case in the Philippines. Indeed, our country ...
Welcome to Davao City’s Huckleberry Southern Kitchen and Bar, where cocktail culture is abound and flourishing.
Down in Davao, a city is best known for its funky-smelling durian fruit and as the hometown of popular no-nonsense President Rodrigo Duterte, an appreciation for good food and drink has taken root. A quick pop into Huckleberry Southern Kitchen and Bar ...
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