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The football star-slash-style icon gets behind the wheel in Miami, while Saint Laurent rides shotgun. It's a look you should copy all summer.
How did you spend your quarantine? Doesn't matter – David Beckham spent it better than you. Not content with launching his own Major League Soccer team, Inter Miami, just as the first lockdowns landed, the football star-turned-style maven also teamed up with ...
David, Romeo, and Cruz went all-in on Jordan x Dior at the designer's London Fashion Week runway
It was, I like to think, a tribute to matriarch Victoria's former life as a globe-conquering pop star. Here they come, the Beckhams, the latest boy band off the Syco production line, eyes in the middle-distance, sang froid AF. And the we-all-get-up-on-the-key-change ...
He keeps bees, stays kind, and spends a lot of time with his kids.
In this very strange time of staying at home all day and always, David Beckham, former pro footballer and current hero of men everywhere, finds himself somewhere in the English countryside. And just like the rest of the world, he’s dealing with the ...
Becks, in a bucket, on a bike.
In many ways, David Beckham is a lot like you and me. Stuck at home all day with little to do but tour the grounds of his bucolic country estate, or, I don't know, play a perfectly picturesque game of catch with his children ...
The man wears a "walking in the country with the family" fit like no other.
David Beckham, you dirty dog. Even on lockdown you can't refrain from throwing consistently tremendous fits, huh? Shhh. It's not your fault, man. It's in your nature. Don't deny it. Give in to your Big Drip Energy once and for all.Out for a stroll the ...
The 44-year-old debuted a throwback shaved head on Instagram. And so should you
Oh, hi there! Welcome back to 2004, where the clubs are alive with the sound of Usher, and the hair is short. Very short in fact, as David Beckham so famously proved by shearing off his peroxided locks. Rejoice, too. For those ...
You don't have to wear a bedazzled poncho to elevate your 'fits.
David Beckham's latest look is proof positive that Coco Chanel's famous adage regarding taking off at least one thing before stepping out the door still rings true. In this era of more-is-more menswear, I'm here for Beckham's fit in a big way. ...
Out-of-office shouldn't signal out-of-fashion.
You never know someone until you go abroad. Truly. Even the sharpest of dressers can descend into maximum, couldn't-care-less comfort: decade-old tracksuit bottoms, white T-shirts in a dull shade of gray, and (shudder) flip flops. Add to that a diet of nuclear-hued ...
He taught them the basics of football.
David Beckham, former footballer, style icon, husband of ex Spice Girl Victoria Beckham, and model father, is in the Philippines, teaching the basics of his specialty sport to kids aged 8 to 12 at the McKinley Hill Stadium.The football hall of famer ...
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