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Apparently 'heroes don’t do that.'
On this fine day of batshit, comic-book-adjacent news, we've learned a rather startling revelation about what truly separates a hero from the rest of us plebes. This universal truth, apparently? Heroes don't go down on people.Here we go. On Monday, Variety published a deep dive on how shows ...
We get a glimpse of Darkseid in this Snyder Cut trailer for 'Justice League'.
Ater years of waiting, we finally got our first look at the Snyder Cut of Justice League—which Zack Snyder recently announced would finally be released on HBO Max in 2021.In the short preview, Diana Prince looks up at some ancient cave painting of Darkseid, ...
We have an answer.
Note: contains spoilers for Joker.It's official: Joker's a hit. Not only has Joaquin Phoenix's performance as the classic DC villain been revered by critics and audiences alike, but the movie has enjoyed record-breaking box office success.In the midst of the hype, Joker's cinematographer Lawrence Sher has ...
[Insert maniacal laughter here]
Todd Phillips’ Joker movie won’t be hitting theaters until October 4. But it’s been provoking both heated outrage and acclaim from the internet filmgoing community already. Some have said Joaquin Phoenix's performance could be Oscar worthy. Others have denounced the film as one-note, or ...
Joaquin Phoenix's chilling laugh is on full display.
Our cultural obsession with the Joker knows no ends. We've seen a handful of portrayals in recent years ranging from the Oscar-winning (Heath Ledger's posthumous honor) to the embarrassing (Jared Leto's method thing in Suicide Squad). But early footage of Todd Phillips's upcoming Joker, starring Joaquin ...
A decade after Twilight, Pattinson is ready to play the most vampiric of comic book heroes
He has, as a colleague pointed out to me last week, the jaw for it. He also has, as Hollywood types like to say, the chops. And now, if rumor is to be believed (it so often isn’t, but indulge us), Robert ...
Don't expect Ridley Scott's Captain America any time soon
You don't need us to tell you that superhero movies are big business these days, accounting for some of the greatest successes in Hollywood's history.But that doesn't mean that everyone's a fan. Whether rightly or wrongly, here are some filmmakers who had ...
At least he made Mad Max: Fury Road instead.
Before Mad Max: Fury Road and before Zack Snyder got his hands on the DC Universe, action virtuoso George Miller was working on his own Justice League movie. Full disclosure: It sounded fucking awesome. Unfortunately, it never got made. The film was scrapped in 2008 to ...
Definitely the movie [trailer] we need right now.
If there's anywhere we can find happiness right now, it's in the new trailer for The LEGO Batman Movie. This cocky, Will Arnett-voiced Batman doesn't know how to use his big screen inputs, can't stand his obnoxious little twerp Robin, and didn't ...
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