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The MCU had best make space for the merc with a mouth
The Fox/Disney merger in 2019 got plenty of comic fans excited about seeing some of their favorite characters coming in from the cold and making their debut in the established continuity of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. A lot of the hype has ...
David Leitch responds to the big, Deadpool-free MCU announcement.
As the initial excitement calms down from Disney's big Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase Four announcement at Comic Con, a few lingering questions are starting to pop up. And one big one is: Where the hell was Deadpool? Despite the massive critical and box office success ...
The controversial scene was cut from Deadpool 2.
In May, when Deadpool 2 hit theaters, director David Leitch assured me that someday fans would get to see the cut post-credit scene in which Deadpool travels back in time to kill a baby Adolf Hitler. They didn't include the scene in the theatrical post credits, ...
David Leitch breaks down the scenes that went too far, the movie's shocking plot twist, and the fate of beloved Peter.
It wouldn't be wrong to assume that the Deadpool 2 creators were given a massive budget to do whatever the hell they wanted. The movie killed all of the big name new actors teased in the trailer in their first scene together. It associated ...
Good god man
We have been given us our first glimpse of Josh Brolin's Cable in Deadpool 2.The actor, alongside fellow star Ryan Reynolds, unveiled the time traveling mutant assassin on social media, Brolin writing: "Now offering 25 percent off your next autopsy. #youremine#deadpool."Reynolds added on his own ...
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